Non profit organization "Nepaliec Viens" activities is aimed at to promoting social participation, development of civil society, provide support to socially vulnerable persons, childrens, young people, adults with special needs (physical and mental disabilities) and the retirement age for people who need it. The association organizes and participates in various competitions, charity events, concerts, travel, and other activities that are not contrary to Christian morality.

Our goals: 

  • support and organize activities based on Christian values,Biedrība ''Nepaliec Viens''
  • support and organize activities for socializing and integrating people into society,
  • support and organize activities for strengthening families and for responsible parenting. 

Our scopes:

  • promotion of social welfare,
  • promotion of health improvement,
  • educational activities,
  • promotion of emotion consciousness,
  • collection of donations in accordance with the principles of charity,
  • involve persons, companies and their available resources for social and charity activities. (until 2013 was BildēsparDzī /Life in Snapshots) also reflects the significant and positive messages about socially significant developments in Latvian and beyond, - tells the story of the people and groups of people who need some help and for people or societies, which takes care of the necessary assistance.

For proposals and feedback, please contact to us:e-mail addressvestule (@) Phone+371 29473896 

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We invite you to support our activities. Support can be provided not only financially, but also helping with advice, expertise and other resources owned by you. 
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Society "Nepaliec Viens"
Registration number: LV40008052049Nepaliec Viens logo
Domicile: Mārupes street 14a, Riga, Latvia, LV-1002

Bank: A/S Swedbank, account: LV17HABA0551019137811 
Donation purpose: implementation of activities
Public benefit status:  Nr.79. 29.05.2008 VID SLO catalog

Structural unit: Jauniešu kustība "Pagalms" (Youth Movement "Yard"Youth movement "Yard"
Registration number: 91424674342
Registration date: march 28, 2018.
Bank: A/S Swedbank, account: LV17HABA0551019137811 
Donation purpose: implementation of activities
Registration number: 90011822428
Registration date: march 29, 2018.
Address: Marupes street 14a, Riga, Latvia, LV-1002 
Bank: A/S Swedbank, account: LV20HABA0551044676402 
Donation purpuse: implementation of activities
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Companies in Latvia (until to 31.dec. 2017) may reduce the taxable income of the donor amounts pursuant to the provisions of Article 8.2, but the overall reduction in taxable income must not exceed 10 percent of taxable income.This is determined by the law "On corporate income tax".

Bookmark made by youth of Gaismas school
Bookmark made by youth of Gaismas school.

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